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collab with NoRu Boutique and Southwest Creative Co.

Last week I was able to be a part of a photo shoot for a local and female owned business, NoRu Boutique. They make the most beautiful and simple jewelry that adds just the right amount of bling. They offer so many different options for rings, necklaces, earrings, ear cuffs, bracelets, and even handbags. You can layer and stack their rings and it creates a unique and finished look no matter what you are wearing.

I have worked with NoRu before and I am so grateful that they reached out to work together again and I hope to build more of a relationship with this business because I respect these ladies so much for all of their hard work and strength.

Although this wasn't my first time working with NoRu Boutique, it was my first time working with Southwest Creative Company. Bianca and Anthony are so great to work with and all of their photos and videos are seriously STUNNING. I was a little intimidated at first by having two cameras on me but they were constantly giving me feedback and compliments, which was definitely comforting (they are also just the sweetest humans in general).

White Sands was freezing and windy so I was pretty cold the entire time. I was shivering and my teeth were chattering. I was so nervous it would be obvious but I don't look too cold..

Make sure to check out NoRu Boutique and Southwest Creative Company, both businesses work super hard to pursue their dreams and I admire them so much. I can't wait to work with them in the future!

To view some more of my favorites from the shoot head over to my photos tab located in the menu bar, I'll also link it right..... here :)

All the love this week.



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