• Shay

home tour + thoughts on moving

I did a poll on Instagram recently asking if anyone would be interested in seeing our house and how we decorate our tiny home. To my surprise, people actually wanted to see! I had to do it pretty quick because we just found out we will be moving at the beginning of June! I am looking forward to the new adventure and a new home, but I am going to miss this old house. This was Joe and I's first home together and there is so much old house charm. It's in a beautiful area of town, close to the farmers market and all of our friends. After a lot of thought though we decided that we needed to move on.

We are lucky enough to have found a bigger home with a bigger yard and more privacy. I am looking forward to being a part of the design process as well. My parents bought a house that they are renovating and we will be able to rent from them! My mom and I are really enjoying tackling the design together. I will try to capture that experience and share it here!

This is what you see when you first walk into our house! It's one big room and on the right is our living room and on the left side is our dining room. A lot of what we decorate with are plants, photos, local art, and crystals.

It is very important for me to have a cozy space that I feel safe and inspired in.

I found this TV stand on sale and I love the old library drawer look it has. I think it really brings the space together. I was inspired by one of my best friends to place a big citrine cluster in front of the TV. Citrine is a stone for happiness and abundance so I wanted to place it in the heart of the home.

We love listening to the radio or a vinyl record in the morning on the weekend while we are making breakfast.

We bought this book shelf shortly after moving into this house and realizing how much stuff we have. I love the look of the metal and wood. I organized the books by color and I just love how it turned out! Simple and cute. I also placed my chakra palm stones in front so they are easily accessible for morning meditations.

One of my favorite things to put together in this house was a gallery wall with fun art from all my friends! I have so many talented people in my life and I love supporting them and supporting local! The Beatles poster came in a vinyl but other than that the rest of the art is from local artists! I'm looking forward to finding a perfect space in the new house for a gallery wall so I can buy more art!

Our Monstera and Jade plants are two of my favorite plants in the whole house. I always wanted a Monstera and Joe got me one as a gift last year. It has thrived and I just had to get a bigger pot for it! I love the big windows on the front of our house, they are perfect for all of the plants we have!

I love the tripod lamp that we found at Marshals! Marshals is one of my favorite places to shop for deals on home goods! There are so many unique finds and if you really hunt, you can always find an amazing deal.

The other side of our main room is where we have the dining table, the big buffet, and the china hutch. We were very fortunate to have a lot of this furniture handed down to us from our families. The table, buffet, and china hutch were all from my childhood home and had not been used in around sixteen years so it is wonderful to get to use it again. The chairs are from Joe's family and I absolutely love that rocking chair. It's not the best dining chair so hopefully we can find a perfect spot to use it at the new house.

This is one of my favorite spots in the house right now. I recently redid this to be more minimal and make it more of an altar to bring new energy into the house for Spring. I found the faux sheepskin at Marshals (of course) and the metal tray when we first moved into the house. The crystal grid is made up of clear quartz, citrine, and aventurine for happiness and abundance. I also have my big chunk of celestite, palo santo, incense burner, and lots of plants to bring inspiration and all the good energy into the house.

Our kitchen is SMALL. We make it work but I am definitely looking forward to having more storage. The top of our fridge was a really simple design. It was really just organizing the things we already had in an appealing way.

The little beanie is where we store our butter, next to that is a jar of kefir that we always have going, then a recipe tin, a Bosque Brewing growler with fake flowers in it and call it good! I also love these fridge magnets where I can showcase all my polaroid photos! And of course more art from friends!

Our house has a studio connected to it that an elderly lady lives in so that doorway is sealed off and on the other side is her living space. It gives our house kind of a funky layout.

We have this really awesome vintage stove/oven and I am going to miss it a lot. The gas range is awesome and the oven works great. The knob doesn't show the temperature just the numbers 1-10 (and it's partially broken) so that was fun getting used to and figuring out what number correlated to what temperature. Both Joe and I really love cooking and we made a lot of great meals in this tiny room.

I love the window over our sink, even though our view isn't the best. I place Amethyst in our kitchen for inspiration. The flowers pictured are from our front yard. We planted the seeds last year and it was such a surprise to see them come up this year. They really bring a lot of cheer to the front of our house.

We don't have a dishwasher in this house so we spend a lot of time in front of this window doing dishes. Joe and I are strange in the fact that we don't like dishwashers and would prefer to hand wash everything. We just think dishwashers are kind of gross! Next to our sink we also have a compost bowl, which you can't see here. We always save food scraps and compost them outside. We waste a lot less food that way and we are feeding the Earth!

Welcome to the Fermentation Station! I know this may look freaky and disgusting but this is where Joe brews our homemade Kombucha! What you see here is called a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), you brew some tea with sugar, place that bad boy in there and in a couple weeks you have Kombucha! It's a really fun project and you can play with a lot of fun flavor combos. To learn more you should check out this video!!

Another one of my favorite things about our kitchen are the pink counters! They make my heart so happy. I recently moved some of our cookbooks into this little nook that was just wasted space before to help inspire us to use recipes from those books (also protecting the wine from the Sun haha).

We also have our fermented honey garlic over here, which is another great project we learned about from this video! If you're a fan of fermented foods, holler at me.

We have been growing mustard greens so I just stored them in a jar with some water and I love the pop of green. Small and simple things make a big difference! Don't overthink your spaces and enhance the energy that's already there!

Our bathroom is a little strange, it's very long and narrow. I love the huge bathtub and the pink and green tile but that's about it.

I put candles and art in the bathroom to make it feel more cozy. I try to keep it minimal but still stylish and functional. I have Eucalyptus in the shower to clear the sinuses plus it looks pretty. There really isn't a lot to work with in this space so the details are very small.

Our new place has two bathrooms and I am so excited for more storage and just more space overall for us and guests.

Our bedroom is pretty simple. The rooms in this house are tiny so we spend most of our time in the front area. I hung art over the bed and added some color with the pillows, quilt, and the printed rug. We found an awesome floor length mirror at Target and that is about it!

It's wild how just making the bed creates a big difference in how a room looks and feels.

On my bedside table I have a couple books, lip balm, my go-to essential oils for before bed, and a picture of my friends!

I also have this awesome postcard that is a reminder every morning that it's not about how much gets done in a day that determines how successful you are or how happy you are.

The crystals I keep next on my bedside table are rose quartz, citrine, moonstone, and carnelian for happiness, love, and dreaming. I keep them all on a selenite charging plate to enhance their energies.